Justice, compassion & equality.

Justice, compassion & equality.

Earthling Ed
Saving the planet through activism and education

London, England, UK


Earthling Ed is an activist and advocate for the voiceless. His passion for saving animals and the planet is what drives him to educating others in his public outreach challenging others to make the connection and choose compassion.


Not too long after becoming vegan, Earthling Ed decided to devote his life to fighting for animal rights. He focuses on challenging and talking to the public about the morality of animals by encouraging positive discussions. He creates educational online videos to help transitioning vegans and people looking into getting into activism. Currently, Earthling Ed is travelling internationally, leading workshops and giving speeches on positive communication and advocacy. A catalyst and advocate for the movement, Earthling Ed has also recently co founded Surge, an animal rights organization determined to create a world where compassion towards all non-human animals is the norm.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

This initiative/NGO fulfills the following UN SDGs:
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