The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

The blue horizon foundation implements sustainable development projects in all parts of the world by cooperating with future-proof companies that focus on innovative business models and technologies for the fundamental spheres of life.

The world today…

In 2000, all of the 189 of the United Nations member states adopted the Millennium Declaration, which committed to the goals of eradicating hunger and extreme poverty, and ensuring environmental sustainability in the form of concrete development goals, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Almost 20 years later, our world is still characterized by major contradictions and disparities.

Overwhelming wealth is flourishing side by side with disgraceful poverty. An inconceivably large pool of freely accessible knowledge is still not able to mitigate enormous regional educational deficits; a sustainable awareness of nutrition still cannot prevent disastrous famines; and all of our great medical leaps forward still cannot protect everyone from deadly epidemics. Alongside the many technological miracles of today's world, some places still lack simple wells for water.

The world to come

But this world is still experiencing a shift.

We no longer mean the “first,” “second” or “third world” when we talk about it. Instead, we mean our one and only world. In our world, we are no longer “givers” or “takers,” “helpers” or “the needy” – we are all partners.

This is why the inventors, developers and innovators in today's world now have a unique opportunity. They can interconnect and inspire each other in the places where their ideas, concepts and solutions are needed the most. The places where they can simply leapfrog old, traditional concepts and ones that have proven to be false – because they never arrived there in the first place. To the place where the future is now beginning.

This future is visible on the horizon. Our mission: To arrive there.

Who we are

The blue horizon foundation emerged from the blue horizon ag global investment company. Following the “impact before income” principle, the blue horizon ag invests in future-proof companies with sustainable business models.

The blue horizon foundation reinvests 10% of the investment company's profits in non-profit development projects in all parts of the world.

From investment to impact

In accordance with the UN Agenda 2030 and its 17 sustainable development goals (SDG), our activities promote growth in developing and emerging countries in the three core areas of social equality, ecological sustainability and sustainable economic development.

In the process, we focus on the development and support of sustainable living and technology standards in the fundamental spheres of life: food, health, education, energy and technology.

What does impact look like?

The blue horizon foundation taps the blue horizon ag's portfolio for its global development projects and cooperates with the associated companies that develop, offer or sell new, sustainable supply programs or solutions in one or more of these spheres of life.

These companies must have business models that indicate their synergistic potential and interconnect with the associated companies in other spheres of life, in order to help the aid and funding projects in the development projects' relevant target regions to unfold their maximum effectiveness.

What we do

Improve, empower

In each of its theme-related cooperations with the blue horizon ag investment companies, the blue horizon foundation implements development projects that effectively improve the living and educational standards of the population, anchor sustainable technologies in the regional markets and provide a seedbed for sustainable, economic growth.

And develop further

Based on the projects' individual goals, we concentrate on regions that already possess parts of the infrastructure required. Whenever possible, we cooperate with the existing players in the local markets. In this way, we reinforce established economic structure on location and foster economic growth and technological development.

Currently, our special focus is improving the working conditions, energy footprints and compensation models of regional exploitation chains in food production, the conversion of regional energy extraction to the use of renewable resources, and the IT-supported modernization of teaching and educational methods in schools, universities and vocational training institutions.

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How we work

Invest in synergy

When selecting blue horizon ag's investments, the respective capacity for synergy with the investment projects from other sectors plays a key role alongside the business principle's pioneering orientation.

The companies must be suitable and ready to commit to cooperation with other blue horizon ag investment companies in the relevant target regions of the blue horizon foundation and help the aid and funding projects there to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Partner up

The blue horizon foundation uses the principle of inclusion-exclusion to select the target areas for its development projects. In regions in which the international community, government or non-government aid organizations or sustainably operating companies are already active and have already created the necessary basic infrastructural conditions, the blue horizon foundation uses these structures to initiate development projects in the spheres of food, energy, health care or education.

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